Part 2: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?

On the previous blog, I discussed the possible perks and issues that you would possibly experience during a vacation booked through an agency with a tour package. This time around I would like to point what are the possible things you may need to consider if you decide to do your own travel itinerary. This is often called as DYI (do it yourself) type of travelling. It simply means, from booking your airlines and creating your own itinerary during your stay and searching for a place to stay will all be done by you. For most first timers, this is quite scary, especially if you will travel alone. Some would say it’s for not the weak heart. I may beg to differ to that last sentence though. Read through and you may figure out why. Continue reading “Part 2: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?”

Part 1: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?

Have you ever been tempted to go on a trip whenever you see promos from travel agencies? I know I have. The itinerary looked so awesome. Very enticing indeed. Not to mention those irresistible bundled perks. However, how come there are still some people who say that it’s expensive to get those packages than doing it on your own? What’s the truth behind these statements. Are you planning to have your own travel anytime soon? I have tried both options and here’s what I can say. It all depends on the traveler. How come? Does it sound like a cliche? I wonder too. In this blog, I will tackle the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring Travel tour packages. This will be a two-part blog series which will focus on the difference between taking a travel tour and do it yourself trips. Well let’s do a simple dissect on the details about Travel tours, shall we?
Continue reading “Part 1: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?”

Copyright Infridgement is not a joke

I have started blogging because I want to express my thoughts and tell my story. I have never expected a lot in return. Let’s be honest, there are millions of people online who love to tell their own stories. Whether it be by writing or filming, every creative artists’ pride is to have their own identity as a content creator. However, there is some that neglect the fact that a simple act of courtesy towards us creators could be a big deal for us. Continue reading “Copyright Infridgement is not a joke”