A Foodie Adventure at SM North Edsa

Yesterday was quite humid even though the sky was gloomy. A sign of possible rainfall was visible. Nevertheless, I had to go out to meet a couple of friends at SM North Edsa. The traffic was horrible as usual but hey I did miss it a bit. I once worked at Metro Manila for almost a decade. In 2014, I went back to my home province. Found a good company and great boss to work with. Positively settled now, I must say.

Meeting up with friends always involves food none the less. It’s certainly a foodie’s adventure. We went to eat with a couple of food joints inside the mall. Some of which I have to dine in before. This time I decided another meal on their menu. The following were the sumptuous meals I tried on that day.

Serenitea: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Milk Tea

Serenitea Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Milk Tea

Serenitea is one of the leading milk tea stalls in Metro Manila. I was once a hater of milk tea since I find tea unappealing in general. I never liked the taste of teas before. However, this milk tea brand certainly changed my mind. The idea of customizing the tea base, sugar level, and sinkers are great features that not all tea stalls provide. I preferred black tea before but I changed to green tea now due to health reasons. As I was browsing through the menu, the lady at the cash register suggested trying out their Ice Cream Milk Tea drinks. I am uncertain which one to choose and asked her to give me their best seller. She recommended the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Milk tea. I took her suggestion and tried it out.

Verdict: Overall, the taste was as lovely as its signature milk tea. The only thing that was a bit of a let down was the ice cream frozen below the glass was a bit difficult to mix. I had to wreck the whole top cover just to mix it properly. The ice cream tasted just right as well, which complements with the milk tea and whip cream. Note that I only asked for 50% sweetness on this.
Price: 145 PHP

The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH): American Baked Spare ribs

American Baked Spare ribs

I am not a fan of fast food joints lately. Yesterday, I traveled with an empty stomach so when I reached my destination I was already starving. We decided to check the Block Annex of the mall and saw The Old Spaghetti House. It has been ages since I last ate there. I usually order pasta but I was really in the mood for a rice meal. I decided to order their American Baked Spareribs.

Verdict: Very tasty and so tender. It’s pretty easy to rip the meat and separate it from the bone. The rice that came along with the meal was delicious. It also has cheese on the meat. It was the right amount, which does not make the overall presentation and taste all weird. They added a few piece of nacho chips with some onion, cheese, and tomato on top. I certainly enjoyed the meal, although I find it a bit dry. I was expecting that the meat would have a bit of sauce on it. However, I would surely recommend this to people I know. Note that T.O.S.H meals are subject to a service charge.
Price: 265 PHP

S&R: Garlic Shrimp Pizza

S&R Garlic Shrimp PizzaOne phrase; “SO BIG!”. S&R‘s 18 inch sized pizza is certainly something to fill up your stomach all afternoon until night. We have been eating a lot and this one was the last for the day. It made me feel like I’m such a glutton, to be honest. One slice itself could fill you the whole night. We also took all the dips and relishes available. Hah! Nothing to spare!

Verdict: The soft yet thin crust was perfectly baked. The shrimp was also fresh. Unlike other pizza brands, the amount of the shrimp that was added in this pizza was a lot. The tip of the crust was also tasty that you can eat it alone. The amount of cheese and sauce on the pizza shows that you got more than you actually paid for. Only complain I may say is, the hot sauce doesn’t taste that hot. Overall it was a great buy for the hungry Juan.
Price: 629 php whole box / 109 per slice

The trip yesterday left me with a full yet satisfied tummy. It was a good experience and no regrets on the food we ordered. Thank you for the friends who were present yesterday. Upon going home, my friend booked a ride through Uber. I know it may cost me a bit compare to traveling through MRT and walk towards the bus station. Yet, I chose to pick the more convenient ride. It was my first time to experience it and it was a great one. The driver was truly friendly and the car was neat. It smells so great and I didn’t feel bored. Yesterday may have been exhausting but it was worth every minute!

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