Why I fell in love with BLK Cosmetics?

These days, most working women use makeup as part of their daily beauty routine. Especially, for those who work at corporate and sales industries. Makeup brands had also changed throughout the decades to accommodate every customer needs and demands. Some skin types have difficulty using non-hypoallergenic or low pricing brands. I am one of those who has a problem choosing the right brand. In the end, only those that claim to be hypoallergenic are the only brands I can possibly use. Which most of the time is unbelievably expensive. This is considered a luxury if I would buy them.

I came across one brand that caught my attention. Beauty Uncomplicated. This is the tagline which BLK Cosmetics had been using with its branding. Proud co-founder and well known Filipino celebrity Anne Curtis Smith, actively endorse her make-up line through her social media posts and videos. BKL Cosmetics prides itself for having PETA’s cruelty-free certification which only a few brands carry. This means that no animals were used to test any of the product’s ingredients. Horray, for pet parents like me!

Of course, as a pet parent, I love the idea that this was approved with such certification. So I tried a few items from the makeup line. I only bought and used I need with my daily lifestyle. Here are my thoughts about it:

BLK Contour, Blush & Highlight Palette (Sun-kissed – peach blush)

BLK Cosmetics Blush Pallete
Image Courtesy of BLK Cosmetics

The palette’s purpose is to help you define your facial contour. It has a 3 step process to help you use the product. It is also properly shown at the back of the box once purchased. The case seems stylish and not bulky to carry. When I used it, it felt light and the colour was just right. It was not too complicated to use as long as you follow the steps provided on the box. Also available with Flushed (rose blush)

Price: 499 PHP

BLK All-Day Matte Powder Foundation (Natural Beige)

BLK Powder Foundation
Image Courtesy of BLK Cosmetics

I am not really a fan of foundation, to be honest. I never liked it, because it feels so thick on your skin. It seems like you’re wearing a mask. However, I still tried this one out because of a few colleagues who bought it. They claim that it feels light as if you’re not wearing one. After trying it out, I agree with their comments. It blended well with my skin tone. It helped cover up a few dark spots which are quite difficult to hide. Since it is powder based, if you try to wipe off dust or sweat on your face, it would also be slightly wiped out. It is different compared to liquid foundation, which is easily absorbed by the skin. Also comes with Light Beige.

Price: 399 PHP

BLK Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick (Brazen and Sophisticated)

I’ve been reading reviews about their liquid matte lipstick. It is hailed highly by the beauty and makeup vloggers. So instead of taking the other types of lipstick, I decided to try this one. The color is bright at first especially the Brazen shade. I was a bit surprised at first. The Sophisticated shade was so pretty. I love this shade so much. It feels quite sticky when first applied, but after a few minutes, it will become dry. I find it quite nice because not only it stays long on your lips, it also doesn’t smudge. It’s also light as if you’re just wearing a lip tint. You have to be careful in applying though. If you apply it and went over the shape of your lips, it would stay there for a long time. It’s a bit difficult to remove with dry wipes or tissue. It takes a while before you can thoroughly remove it. I suggest using an oil-based makeup remover or petroleum jelly to remove it. Once it gets dry, the brightness will become subtle, giving you the right shade for your skin tone. I tried it in the morning and stayed visible all day. Best part, my lips didn’t chap. Also comes with Sassy, Bold, and Simple.

Price: 349 PH


Overall, the makeup line seems to have given me exactly what I needed. It’s decently priced and not too expensive. The shades are quite limited for now so for fans who love shades beyond red, pink or peach, you might have to wait for a while until they come up with a new shade. I like the idea that all feels so light as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all. My skin is sensitive and for the past weeks that I have been using it, I have not experienced any issues. No rashes, no dryness, and no itching. This means it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or allergens which can cause issues. I am not endorsing this brand nor was I paid to do so. I am merely stating my views on and I can agree now with their tagline. It is certainly Beauty Uncomplicated.

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