A Taste of Japan at Ramen Nagi

Ramen has been one of the staple food in Japan since the early times. It has been one of the signature dish that came from the Land of Rising Sun. This soupy dish is enjoyed not only by Japanese but as well as other people beyond the country.

For the past few weeks, we have been craving for a delicious ramen to eat. It has been raining and the weather is cold lately. At these times, a bowl of warm soup or noodles would be great! Luckily, we finally got the opportunity last night. My sister and I decided to go to Ramen Nagi at SM Pampanga. It was crowded and we had to wait for a while for us to get a seat.

Ramen Nagi’s ambiance showcases a feel of the traditional Japanese Ramen house. Although the area is a bit small, it’s decent enough to feel comfortable while dining. The waiters and receptionists were dressed in Japanese style uniforms. According to sources, Ramen Nagi has been hailed as one of the best Gourmet Ramen Restaurants in 5 different countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and now the Philippines. It is known to be an original concept of Ramen Master, Ikuta Satoshi. The ingredients and spices are claim to come from Japan. It aims to give its customers that authentic ramen taste.

Ramen Nagi
Image from SunstarPH

We tasted a few specialty, which in the end of the night, left us in a food coma. It was certainly one heavenly experience for a foodie like me. Let me give you a brief idea on what have we tasted.

Green King Ramen

The first thing you would need to do is choose how you want your ramen to be served. You can custom the ramen with the following:

  • Spice level
  • Noodle Type
  • Various Toppings
  • The thickness of the soup

We decided to put everything on a normal level and took the pork belly as the topping. The sauce at a normal level looks cloudy and rich. The ramen we ordered had parmesan cheese and pesto which complemented well with the overall taste. The sauce is made of palatable tonkatsu pork broth with a creamy in flavour. The pork topping was quite tender. We surely enjoyed it.
Price: 410 PHP


Pork Katsu Roll

This dish is served cutely above shredded cabbages and drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise on top. You can eat them easily because of the meat is considerably easy to chew. This is one of the best katsu I have tasted so far and I would love to order this again.
Price 295 PHP


Curry Spring Rolls

This spring roll is mixed with Japanese curry sauce, ground pork, and a few other ingredients. It is served in four pieces with a lettuce as its bed and design. It’s indeed flavourful and nice to consume while it’s warm. Alongside with it is a small amount of tomato ketchup which serves as your dip. It disappointed me a little though because I was expecting a special sauce for this dish. Overall it tasted decent.
Price: 170 PHP

spring rolls

There are more to taste in this joint such as their other Ramen dishes and additional sumptuous meals. They also have different kinds of meal sets which you can choose if you prefer to eat solo. Price ranges from 150 PHP – 500 PHP per meal. It looks quite costly but the serving of each meal can be eaten by 2-3 people. If you plan to spend a total amount of 1000 PHP, this can feed 3-4 people. Each serving can feed and make a well grown adult’s stomach filled. The good thing about this is you can share the meal with others. However, take-home meals are not allowed.

Ramen Nagi’s ambiance and dishes will certainly make me come back for more.

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