A 2017 Holiday Treat at Starbucks

It’s the holiday seasons again and everyone’s ecstatic about it. Halloween’s over so the Christmas decorations are officially up for display. Christmas lanterns were set up along the roadways. Dazzling ornaments hanging at the malls. What perfect way to enjoy the day while looking at these but by sipping a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks has officially released their Christmas handcrafted drinks and their 2018 Limited Edition Planner. It’s that time of the year again where we enjoy the thrill of collecting those stickers. This year’s Limited Edition Planner comes with two designs which were created to suit the fan in you. It comes with ruler stencil, a desk calendar, and leather sleeves. The sleeves come in two colours; tan and dark brown. The paper quality is still the same. I’ve always like the quality of the paper on these planners. They are also durable and no matter how you look at it, the pages will not tear off easily. To redeem your planner, you just need to collect 18 stickers. Visit Starbucks Ph website to learn more about their terms and conditions.

Let’s now focus on these newly released drinks, shall we? Take note that I ordered these drinks iced. Frappuccino is too long to consume if you’re on the go and would need to find a trash bin if you will take it with you.

Toffee Nut Crunch Latte


toffee nut latteThe traditional Toffee Nut Latte blended beverage we all loved is back with an additional treat. The delicious taste of the coffee latte fused with steamed milk and toffee nut syrup makes this drink one of my favorites. It is topped with whipped cream and a lot of toffee nut crunch sprinkled on top. So if you ordered Frappuccino or Iced blend, you would certainly feel the toffee nut crunch. Either you chew or treat them as candies, it certainly adds up something new to the drink. However, if you do not like munching something while drinking, I suggest you take it hot. It would melt the toppings and mix it with the latte. It would also be easier to drink. To those who do not know what toffee nut is, it’s a combination of toffee syrup and roasted nut flavouring.  However, the syrup itself does not contain nut ingredients. It’s merely the aroma and taste that is added according to Starbucks Communications specialist. Isn’t this a good news for people who are allergic to any type of nuts?

Christmas Tree Peppermint Dark Mocha

Alright, let me start off with this by saying, it’s the weirdest drink I’ve ever tasted this year.Peppermint Mocha Yes, obviously it’s not going to be my favourite. However, let me give you a brief description. The usual Peppermint Mocha was given a special twist this year. Instead of the Mocha, they used Dark Mocha, which is sweeter and infused with Peppermint flavour. This gives the minty zest with every sip. The whipped cream was blended with green tea powder that made it light green in colour. Lastly, they added red candy sprinkles on top to complete that Christmas tree look on your drink. I saw a couple of friends who were quite into it. Overall it will certainly give you a one of a kind experience.

Vanilla Nougat Latte

Nougat latteHere comes the new addition to the family. Every year Starbucks adds a unique flavor to their Christmas Blended Beverage Collection. This year they decided to bring back the Vanilla Nougat Latte. Yes, you read it right. The usual sweet tasting milky type of candy which at times annoyingly sticks on your teeth when you chew is now part of Starbucks’ Christmas Beverage. The commonly blended latte enhanced with French vanilla topped with whipped cream and drizzled with mixed syrup. This makes your common latte drink turn to berry type which gives it a fruity taste. Not much of a coffee berry fan, but I can make an exception to this drink.

These drinks come with your usual tall (170 PHP), grande (185 PHP) and venti (200 PHP) sizes. It can be served as Cold, Hot or Frappuccino. For some who are just for a quick drink or uncertain if you can finish a tall sized drink, I suggest you request short sized which cost only (160 PHP). This is not commonly seen on the menu. So you would have to tell it to the barista. What I love about Starbucks is they allow you to custom your drinks base. I’ll discuss more secret beverages on Starbucks on the next blogs.

In addition to these yummy drinks, they now have a new dessert you can try out. Meet PuddingStarbucks’ new dessert baby, White Chocolate, and Dark Mocha Pudding. Yep, you saw that right! They now have those tasty puddings to add up to your sweet experience. Each flavour will surely take you in another dimension. The white chocolate pudding is quite creamy and rich in taste. The sweetness is just right. While the Dark Mocha Pudding is a combination of bittersweet sensation that would surely make you want to grab another one. And if you put these yummy treats in a freezer, they taste like ice cream! These sweet treats are available for 65 PHP each at any Starbucks Branch.

These new treats make any coffee enthusiast tempted to have them. The presentation and tastes are enticing enough to make you want to drink them all. Not in one go of course. It has been a yearly tradition for me to collect this limited edition planner. Mainly because I like Starbucks and I like the thrill of collecting it. Admittedly this can be a pricey treat but hey, if you love what you’re doing, the cost isn’t a big deal isn’t it?

Hope you had fun reading my blog. Share your favourite custom Starbucks drink below and I might have a try. I may feature them on the next coming blogs for the secret recipes.

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