Top Travel Essentials I can’t go without

It’s almost summer here in the Philippines and it’s time again for summer outings and beach getaways. Everyone’s planning or even booking for their next trip. With all the fuzz about where to go and what clothes to bring for their OOTD selfies, they often forget some travel essential items. It’s quite a hassle to realize that you lack something important when it’s already too late.

Every individual has their unique set of travel essentials. From the simplest to the most out of this world item, almost everyone has items they cannot really live without on any travel. On my case, I also have a few items which are quite important for my daily routine. I can leave other stuff like simple toiletries and such but not these items.

These are of course separate from your clothes and shoes. They are essential to me because they are quite dependable whenever I am in a different location, especially overseas.

You must be curious what are they. Well, without further a due, here are the top items I always bring on any travel getaway.

  1. Camera

Whether it be from my DSLR or my cell phone, photographs are a must. I love making memories. I am not a huge fan of selfies, to be honest, but I love taking photos of people, streets and landmarks. They always serve as a forever footprint in my life. Some of which I can share stories about.

  1. Scarf

I have 2 scarfs actually but I only bring one of course. I am referring to a wide scarf by the way. I often use it as a cover to my face or serve as a cover for my head if it’s raining or hot outside. The most convenient thing about this is its light. I can also use it when I’m cold out and decided not to bring a jacket. We all know jackets or just simple cardigans can be bulky or heavy to bring in a very small sling bag. Unlike a scarf, you can just fold it in or tie it to look like an accessory for your bag. You can also use it as a belt if you wish to level up your OOTD with it.

  1. Charger/Powerbank

If you use gadgets a lot you really need this. It’s great if you go to a place you can plug in your charger to power up your dying cellphone. However, if you plan to take a nature trip to the mountains or camp out to an isolated beach, a power bank is quite important. Make sure to have a power bank that can cater all the gadgets you bring. Most common is around 6000 mah but if you bring a lot of gadgets you have to get a bigger mah for that. I strongly advise you bring a waterproof bag if you bring gadgets with you though. Just for safety precautions.

  1. Network/Internet connection

Alight, real talk now. If you bring gadgets, then you surely need internet. I admit that I can’t live without ways to communicate to the world. Not to mention, I easily get bored during transit so having a good internet signal is a must. This should make you see that I am not a fan of mountain trips or isolated beaches. I prefer going to a different city as long as I have signal instead of being in a quiet serenity. I prefer hearing the sounds of a busy street than crickets in the night.

  1. Tissue/Wet Wipes

Basically, when you travel far away, call of nature never fails to make a scene. Sadly, not all comfort rooms that you may pass are the cleanest especially if you’re in a public place. Personal hygiene is still important. You can also use this as a replacement for the handkerchief to wipe your face or mouth. Sadly, I always tend to misplace handkerchiefs so I prefer using tissues instead.

  1. Money

This is quite obvious and self-explanatory, isn’t it? How can you live without it? Just make sure that you do not flaunt your cash anywhere. I prefer only bring the money I need for the day or I bring a small purse with me. It’s better that you don’t show you have a big wallet because it’s quite an eye candy for pickpockets or hooligans.

  1. Passport/ Identification Card

When you go overseas, your local ID is not really recognized especially if you try to avail local services that need identification. So you should make sure you have your passport with you. But if you are only going in a local spot, a common government issued ID should suffice. Make sure that they are kept in a very safe pocket in your bag. If it has a secret like pocket, the better. I prefer having it separate from my money.

  1. Lipbalm

I always like my lips smooth and luscious. So I got used to having this always even on a regular day. It’s something I always bring as often as my cell phone. However, having a sensitive skin, I don’t use any brand I use. Lipsmacker is the brand I use which was good for me. All other brands are either making my lips chap or it makes it itchy. Worse case is some smell bad after using it a few months.

  1. Moisturizer or Lotion

The sunlight has been very damaging to the skin these past few years. Either it leaves you a sunburn or makes your skin tone uneven. It is better to protect yourself from the sun’s rays especially when you’re out on the beach. For regular days, I use Olay daylight cream before I put on any powder or makeup. I also use Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum for day and night use. Depending on where you would go, I strongly suggest having SPF 50 or more if you are out in the sun too long such as beach getaways and sunbathing. Banana Boat is one of the best brands for sunblock. On a daily basis, you should protect yourself against the sun and refresh your skin before sleeping. Yes, that means you may need to have 2 separate type of lotion. One for daytime and one in the evening. Also, do not forget your face. It’s generally the most exposed and you have to protect it. I use on a daily basis is Olay Natural White Day light Cream.

Lotions and Moisturizers
My scarf, my daily lotion (Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum), my beach sunblock (Banana Boat Ultra Protect) and my facial cream (Olay Natural White Daylight Cream).
  1. Medicine pack

I have been sickly since I was a kid. So it’s quite important I bring my own medicine pack with me anywhere I go. Mainly I just bring paracetamol, simple pain reliever tabs, vitamins, anti-vertigo and anti-hyperacidity tabs. Also, sometimes some medicines are not the same in other countries. Some may not be with good effects with you compare to those you usually take. So it’s still better to have something on your own. However, be reminded to research if the medicine is not banned in the country you plan to visit. Some countries have laws to prevent such medicines inside. So make sure you take note of it and avoid any possible problems by the time you reach the airport.

Some of you may relate to the items I mentioned above. It’s quite a lot but hey, I’m a girl. I bring a lot of things. Either overseas or local trips, I always make sure these are in my hand carry bag. For those who find this article helpful, I’m glad I could help.

Tell me your thoughts on this by commenting below. You can share these as well with your social media accounts. For any travel tips and itinerary advice, you can consult me here, and I am glad to assist.

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