Why I blame Peter McKinnon?

I started blogging at the last quarter of 2017 and I actually still have not much idea what I wanted to do. Been juggling my blog topics from food reviews to lifestyle and travel. However, I still can’t point exactly what I want focus my mind with, until I saw Peter McKinnon’s vlogs. You must be thinking, “Wait, who the heck is he?”. I’ll tell more about him later on.

As a blogger, I am not too much into writing through and through. I always prefer to balance my content with both images and write ups. I am also a photo enthusiast and I love capturing raw and real photos of people’s natural gestures and places. It gives me a visual and concrete memory of the past. Needless to say, I needed better photos. My smart phone was alright but I started building my brand over Instagram which is a very visual platform. It has a high sense of content competition. And when you say “content” on Instagram, that means high quality images.

Honestly, the competition for gaining audiences isn’t as easy as it looks. Especially, I wanted to brand myself as a blogger. I read through articles and videos to see how I can gain more audiences in this platform. It boils down to the point that I said to myself — “I need a better camera”. So yes, I end up buying my first DSLR, the Fujifilm X-A3.


So since all I knew back then was point and shoot, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem learning how to navigate this baby. I was so wrong. I didn’t understand a thing about its functions. I read the manual and all made it more blurry for me. There were so many terminologies that I never heard before. Even if I ask photographer I know I still can’t grasp the totality of the idea.

Through out the course of knowing what are the meaning of these terms I end up finding myself caught in a euphoric moment. It literally blew my mind every single time I learn what those terminologies are. This sparked my curious mind. Next thing I know I’m endlessly researching to learn more. I thought I was settled with knowing these and I am good to go. Again, I was wrong.

Upon the process of learning stuff through YouTube, I came across this video of a tattooed guy who talks how to crush your Instagram game. He was quite informative and everything he said made a lot of sense. I continued watching till I discovered that he’s a Canadian photographer and he’s also quite famous. Yes, this is Peter McKinnon.

maxresdefault (1)

Throughout my discovery, I end up seeing his works. And OMG, he’s totally cool! His photos are so wicked that I got hooked up staring at them. I was asking myself — “How in the world did he get to take these photos?! “. I tried and tried and never got near to what he has. I tried even checking local photographers and they all have different styles. But Peter’s works were my favourite. I end up watching all his videos over and over and take pointers. And slowly, I end up taking photos and developing them. I never even thought I would end up taking those shots. His videos and tutorials inspired me to improve. To increase what I know and enhance my skills in photography.

Suddenly, I finally found my niche that I want to grow more and more. All because Peter McKinnon inspired me a lot. He basically gave me ideas and goals to reach just by sharing what he has.

I know I am just a spec of dust compare to his. He is a professional and I have a long way to go. But this guy gave me a direction to go. A path to choose. A new purpose to improve myself on something. New goals had been set. Admittedly I do not know if this is my permanent calling but one thing is for sure, I will not stop and I want to reach that level of photography that I can truly be proud of.

So I blame Peter McKinnon for kickstarting me on my new path. Weird as it sounds, but this guy a true inspiration. I know I have a very long road to go but somehow photography woke my sleeping creativity. It sparked my will to excel in a new field. It has been quite a long time since I felt like this. I am still in the path of discovery but as of now, this ambivert wallflower started stepping on this path. A new journey to course through seems very exciting to hear.

For more photo series checkout my Instagram.

Special Note: Images of Peter McKinnon used in this blog is owned and taken only by Peter himself and I added these for information use only.

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