My brief encounter with Operation Smile Philippines

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the mall doing my usual thing every weekend. Decided to get some snack at the food court. I sat there for a few minutes eating fries when I noticed three ladies in a small peculiar booth. I recalled that I passed by this booth before ignoring them. I am not really a crowd goer nor friendly towards strangers. I am a wallflower as you recall. So these kinds of instances in public places is quite a scare for me.


However, yesterday, I was looking at the booth and what they do in it. I noticed they wave at people with a smile and invite them to visit the booth. I saw the name under Operation Smile and had photos of cleft palate. I figured initially that it may be an organization supporting children with cases like these. I’ve seen lots of organizations mentioning such cause both online and television. It took me a moment to convince myself to take a look. Being the curious cat in me, I went towards the booth and let one of them discuss with me what is this about. As I suspected, it was indeed an organization supporting children with cleft lip and cleft palate. It was a bit of a surprise to me to know that these kinds of inborn situation can be quite fatal for babies.

I admit I am skeptical of people asking donations or alms, especially those in the streets. Somehow, for some reason, I felt compelled to share something. I am at a stage that I only have so little left in my pocket and my bank account is also crying (LOL). But I never felt too hesitant to give at least the smallest amount possible. I also felt responsible to share this cause here. To be honest, this could be the very first organization that I have given support on. As I said, I have always been skeptical.

I don’t feel that I was conned nor I was a victim of any swindling scam. It made me wanna do more for this, but sadly I am not that rich to provide anything more financially. So hopefully this mini blog can give a difference. I think it’s not a matter of how big or small of the help you can provide. It’s a matter of you give what you can wholeheartedly.

To know more about this organization and how you can help unfortunate children born with cleft palate, see the details below.

Facebook: @OpSmilePhil
Instagram: @operationsmilephilippines

It doesn’t hurt to give someone a genuine smile.

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