When photography becomes dull

I started this photography because I love to capture the different side of life in my own perspective. It also somehow gives me that sense of challenge and motivation to continue shooting more things. Especially, if I get to see other people’s work. It gives me a mixed feeling of anxiety and jealousy. It is is a continuous process of improving and exploring, but somehow, I tend to find myself lost in purpose. Still, I do not want to let go of this hobby and move to another. I believe I still have not reached my limit and I have not achieved anything out of it yet.

In general, we tend to grow bored in something they do when it becomes a routine. No matter how much they love the hobby, there will come a time that they will run out of reasons and ideas to continue. Many factors can cause this negative feeling. Whether it may be intentional or not, there will always be a certain time we end up stopping for some reason.

Since I already started this, I don’t want to stop just because of superficial reasons. I hold on steadily on my mantra which says – “Remember why you started”. I believe that I should continue this until I reach my goals. Since I do not want to let go, I did a bit of research to overcome this negativity towards my new found craft. You can actually come across these ideas on the Internet but the following items below were effective for me.

    1. Find a new venue
      When you shoot at a certain location over and over again, you will end up shooting it’s every angle. It becomes dull soon and you would get the feeling that you wanted to see more. Changing locations and venues of your photo shoot can actually change a lot. Not only with the ambiance but it also stimulates your mind to display a better view of a location. This is mostly used during landscape, cityscape and street photography. It gives you a wide array of angles, perspective, colours, and stories to tell.

      woman on rock platform viewing city
      Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com
    2. Explore a different style
      Some people prefer shooting portraits and most of the time they use it as a money making a hobby. This makes them mare familiar with the style and it gives them the “mastery” of this type of photography. It can be a never-ending routine and can dangerously makes you be in a comfort zone. Why did I say dangerous? Simple, it can get dull and tiresome to do something you are a master of right? Hence, boredom strikes. In this case, why not try doing something different. Example, if you use the same settings in your camera on every shoot, why not do an underexposed shot this time? How about shooting in low lights or maybe trying out trendy lights as a backdrop? If you try to stray away with your routine, you slowly step out of your comfort zone. It makes your mind be more creative and gives you a different taste in your craft. Another you can is trying out a different type of photography. If you’re into portraits and have not tried aerial or panorama landscapes, why not give it a try? It may end up surprising you in return.Different Photo style
    3. Challenge your self
      In conjunction with number two, wouldn’t it be quite fulfilling if you find a little challenge to your self? In this case, why not pump it up a little further? In my case my biggest weakness is portraits. It frustrates me when I can’t get the satisfaction I get when I do street photos and it makes me realize what I lack. I am not a master of any particular type but I am certain it makes it easier for me to take shots that are candid or unprepared. I find it more raw and natural. When it comes to portraits and working with models, I go stiff and mind blank. I feel that I can’t pull out my creativity in this craft. It feels also awkward telling the model what to do. Thus giving me the sense of pushing my self further to improve and to keep practicing. In the end, it makes it worthwhile to challenge your self and pursue what you have started.
    4. Use a new toy
      Any accessories that you can use with your camera will always make a huge difference. Whether it be a new lens or filter, the outcome on your photos will always give you either a better or worse result. Use this opportunity to explore all the options you have. However, this is quite an expensive option. For most professional photographers, due to their income and network, they land on using a brand new camera. Another light on this option is upgrading. If you have been using this camera for quite some time and you see a lot of new models coming up with tons and improved features. Be careful about this option though. Not all upgrades are practical and may cause more problems for you. Before you even decide to go to the next level, make sure you exactly know what you need. Else you will be spending on something you may not have needed. This can be either for upgrades or accessories. Research and then decide.Fujifilm X-A3
    5. Expand your network
      Sometimes, not everyone who surrounds you understands your chosen hobby. Some find it too technical even you just end up keeping your ideas to yourself. One drawback of keeping your thoughts is being restricted with more ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to talk to someone who can relate to your crazy awesome ideas? That’s why it would be best for you to find people who you can talk to. Nowadays, there are a lot of groups and organizations online which you can run to. With my experience, this actually helps me be more motivated. I found people I can consult with and I got a keen on the different terms commonly used. Not to mention the creative criticism that you can actually get with these people. They are both professionals and learners alike. These also give you more windows to learn about events you can go to and possible side jobs as well. Neat huh?Network of people
    6. Rest but don’t quit
      Taking a break from your usual stuff is better than quitting. Imagine all the investment you made with your gears if you just decide to quit because you’re bored. Just like working in an office. We all have that feeling that when we do the same thing, we get bored and lose motivation. We end up wanting to take a break and ask for a vacation leave. Once we’re back, we end up getting pumped up to start your tasks. It’s the same with photography. We just need a quick break and once we’re back, you will be surprised to realize that you end up having new and better ideas. So just take a vacation, and continue shooting again after that.

      selective focus photography of traffic light
      Photo by Jos van Ouwerkerk on Pexels.com

Again, photography is a never-ending process. It can be diverse and also at the same time a routine. Similar to any desired hobbies we have, it can be a vicious cycle. It’s part of having a great functioning brain that God gifted humanity with. For me, every decision and continuation depends on the one’s willingness. We all make excuses to stop and end up getting anxious. We tend to get anxious with the littlest things, but if we look into the bigger picture, we really didn’t have to be upset about it. Every decision we make has always its pros and cons. Even it’s just a hobby or a passion, we decided to do it. So let’s not waste our efforts on starting these and always remember why we started in the first place.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have any other ideas that can work fix our boredom? I’d love to hear your ideas on the comment below.

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