Part 1: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?

Have you ever been tempted to go on a trip whenever you see promos from travel agencies? I know I have. The itinerary looked so awesome. Very enticing indeed. Not to mention those irresistible bundled perks. However, how come there are still some people who say that it’s expensive to get those packages than doing it on your own? What’s the truth behind these statements. Are you planning to have your own travel anytime soon? I have tried both options and here’s what I can say. It all depends on the traveler. How come? Does it sound like a cliche? I wonder too. In this blog, I will tackle the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring Travel tour packages. This will be a two-part blog series which will focus on the difference between taking a travel tour and do it yourself trips. Well let’s do a simple dissect on the details about Travel tours, shall we?

  • Advantages

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    • Planning your itinerary is quite troublesome. Especially, if you are not familiar with the places which you can visit. Well, give that trouble with your travel agency. You do not need to plan your itinerary. You just need to follow what was pre-set by the travel agency.
    • Everything is bundled. You do not need to worry about booking flights and hotels separately. Meals are also included. Very convenient for you since you do not have to scatter your credit card or bank account details anywhere.
    • It saves you time. Since everything is fixed, all you need to do is wait for the time and follow the tour guide. Sit back, relax and they will take care of everything for you.
    • A place to rest and sleep is very important. It would also be awesome if you get to stay at a fancy place, isn’t it? Most of the time you get to be in high-class hotels when you take the tour agency offers like this. Since it’s a partnered package from hotels and other accommodation facilities, these agencies get to book you in 3-5 star hotels in the area. They can also book you in hotels with great locations.
    • In some cases, there are tourist spots that charge a certain fee to enter. In this matter, the agency takes care of the entrance and all you need to do is bring you there.
    • Transportation fee and going to ride per ride can be such a tedious hassle. You have to squeeze in on public transportation such as trains and bus just to reach one place to another. Not to mention you have to pay for the fair. However, since the agency takes care of all the accommodation and itinerary, they also provide you ride going towards and back to the locations and the hotel. It also covers those ride from the airport and back when you leave.
  • Disadvantages

    KLIA 2

    • Since everything is planned for you, going anywhere you want is not much of an option. Most of the time, the agency only gives you one day of free time. During that time you can go where ever you want and do whatever you wish. But if you feel that it’s not enough, sadly, you cannot do anything about it. It is mandatory for you to do the tours and planned itinerary. In short, your feet and hands are tied.
    • In rare cases, there are times that you end up getting kicked out of the hotel that you originally have been booked with. It certainly not your fault. It can have various reasons why this happens. The most common reason is overbooking in the hotel, especially during peak seasons. Some hotels tend to take a lot of bookings per day. And there are rare cases that they only take reserve bookings but do not take the payment yet. So, in the end, there are times that they overbook and lay off those reservations that are not yet paid. They prioritize those that have paid the booking in full. However, worse case is even if they were paid, due to negligence, it can still happen.
    • Delays in the tour can also happen. Even if you reach the place on time, if you are booked together with other customers, you would have to wait for them to come before you can start the tour. In this matter, the timeline for the trip gets shorter. Let’s also consider the unexpected traffic jam that your tour bus/van can encounter. Since all the time slot for each location is fixed, no adjustments can be made. Worse case is you would end up missing out one or two locations because there’s no more time left. What a bummer.
    • Speaking of delays, due to the same idea of “fixed” schedules. If your flight gets unreasonably delayed, chances are the chauffeur that would fetch you from the airport might leave you behind. This is common when you are booked together with a lot of other tourists. It would certainly be a pain to be left behind and take a cab to the hotel considering you paid for the lift to the hotel, isn’t it?

The points above were based on mine and people whom I am close with who experienced this. It’s not specific in one agency alone but it happens on different agencies. What is important is the agency who booked you for these take responsibility if anything happens. I am lucky that when I experienced some of the things mentioned on the disadvantages, my travel agency took care of everything for me. In the end, the trip still ended smoothly for me. Always make sure to keep in touch with the agency. It is imperative you have constant communication with them during the whole trip. Do not forget to also keep in touch with your family.

There may be pro’s and con’s on such option, there are things that are inevitable and uncontrollable to us no matter how much it was planned. Always take into account the possibilities of any interference or inconsistencies. It is always important that you are ready no matter what happens. If you feel that this type of travel option is for you, by all means, do it. It may not be applicable to all but certainly, there are people who would love to have this option.

I am not saying this is the best option. I am saying that this is one option you can do. Remember there’s always an alternative option as well. It is best for you to know them both first before you decide to say that this or that option is the best. For me, the experience is always the best way to know. I decided to choose either this option or the other depending on the current circumstances that arise during the time of decision making.

In the next blog, I will discuss the other option which is the DYI Travel. In the meantime, I shall leave this blog to you and let me know your opinion on this. I would love to have a nice discussion about this and know about your own experiences. You can either message me, follow my social media and interact and if you need any advise for your next travels. See you!

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