How Adult Acne haunted an Ambivert Wallflower!

I should be continuing a few blog drafts I started in a while but I end up skipping them and writing this one instead. I guess it’s more of me getting it out on my thoughts and write it down instead. I can come back to those anyway. While writing this article, I am in the process of experimenting on my own. Whatever results I would come up, I’ll share it with you in the next few months. For now, let me just share what I have discovered while researching this topic. I am in my mid-30s and I am still unable to believe fully that I can still get worked up with what they call Adult Acne.

I may not have a perfect skin in the world nor have I ever really paid attention with it at all before, but I certainly have been remorseful lately. As a teenager, I did experience the usual breakouts but luckily it wasn’t as worse as others. The occasional 1-2 zits which only pops every 1-2 months or so. The never-ending white and blackheads just cause I didn’t really care. I didn’t have any pimple related scar back then either. I really am considered fortunate compared to others I must say. Not to mention, I have a sister and a mother who occasionally nag me to care for my face. There are times I follow their orders and apply what they give me without even checking if it’s really good for me. I always find it troublesome so I end up stopping in the middle of the treatment or discontinue those products because my skin reacted badly in the end. It may have been complete torture for my skin back then. It has been like this and continued until I reached my early 30s. Carefree and chilling out. Caring less about my looks and skin just because I felt I had no major problems that I need to work on. I was wrong. Ignorance can really bite you back so hard when it gets its fangs on you and it can really be very painful. Yikes!

I rarely put on proper makeup because I also find it troublesome. Not only that I get rashes on some products, cosmetics that really are alright for me seems quite expensive and I am not the type who would spend much for it. I’d rather spend it on food, gadgets or travel stuff. Plus, I don’t really need it anyway. Well, that’s what I always say. That goes the same with facial skin care products.

Two years ago I started travelling and meeting up friends from overseas. I began to feel ashamed of what I look. I wanted to look nice when I see them in person and seeing my face’s current condition, I was bothered by it. Not to mention I am a plus size as well so I was slightly embarrased of how I look. So, I decided to try some products that are a bit cheaper after consulting friends and colleagues that are really into skincare stuff.

Skin Magical Set
Image credit to respective owner – Beaute Box

Admittedly, I was pleased that it actually helped me a lot. At some point, my skin was better than before. However, after a long time of using, I suddenly find it troublesome again. There were times also that I hated the smell and at times it felt stingy on my skin. It was as if my skin became quite thin and applying some of these products became quite painful. So in short, I stopped. Don’t get me wrong though. I find that product good even if you consider it low cost. It did give me a good result before flying overseas. However, my skin may have adjusted badly since I can consider mine as a combination type. This product is more applicable to normal type ones I believe.

After almost a year, I suddenly noticed that I have been getting a lot of painful outbreaks on my jawline and chin. It became more annoying as time goes by. I thought it was just a normal thing since the weather became so unbearably humid. The dust around during travels and excess oil my skin produces were being blamed. I try my best not to pop them but because I am very careless there are times I end up popping them accidentally. There are even times that I intentionally poke them when they became so big and painful. They were never normal ones, to begin with. They feel like boils and even the slightest touch was really painful. And popping them seems to give me relief — psychologically though. That isn’t even the most annoying part even. Because of my rule breaking carelessness on my face, it left with dark spots that don’t go away. They just temporarily leave and come back after a few days. It was a never-ending excruciating cycle.

Then came to the point I had to research this. As I said, they were not the typical pimples. There came to my conclusion that these are actually a mix of hormonal pimples that became cystic. It has become very unbearable since summer came in. Across conversations with colleagues about skin care regimens and such — which was really not my thing obviously — I end up being keen to try out. Slowly I end up researching again. I started by buying a small bottle of toner. I knew it was not enough but I try my best not to stop. I was admittedly slowly getting downcasted because there was no progress. After a few more weeks of research and chatty days with friends and colleagues, I decided to work harder for my own good. I mean it wasn’t just annoying, THEY WERE REALLY PAINFUL.

But, really, how did this came to this? Was it just the weather? Or was it something else? So I started to check what are these and how do these Adult Acnes come up? Below are what I have scouted during my research.

beautiful blue eyes close up dhyamis kleber
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First off, what is Adult Acne? According to Mayo Clinic:

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It often causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples, and usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back and shoulders. Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages.


There are a lot of factors that were listed. The following items listed below are probably the most common.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

    Hormonal adult acne typically forms on the lower part of your face. This includes the bottom of your cheeks and around your jawline.
    For some people, hormonal acne takes the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and small pimples that come to a head, or cysts. — Health Line

  2. It’s known that women are more prone to acne. Mainly due to the fact that hormonal fluctuations can be inevitable especially during periods. This is also the reason why it was noted that those who are in menopausal age have a higher risk of getting adult acne. Also, for those women who experience irregular periods can also be prone to this. It is best to consult your endocrinologist for the best action. This is not a matter of just with the skin but more of harmony within your body. It is best to consult a specialist for hormonal conditions instead of Dermatologist or any other.
  3. Medications
    It seems due to a similar issue above, some who take contraceptive pills also can cause this issue. In some articles, it states that medicines for corticosteroids, antidepressants, and epilepsy treatments.

    bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules
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  4. Skin and Hair products
    Since there are different products over the counter that are not designed to all skin types. Thus causing these kinds of skin irritants as well. Also, not all skin care products are suited for all type of skins. Especially, those who have a “Sensitive” type should never use those products designed for “Normal” type. Know what is the right product for you. Some hair products can also cause this. This is common for those who have long hair. It is imperative to be aware of these small things. If you get reactions to such products, change it.

    Photo by Pixabay on
  5. Food
    Let me clarify this part, chocolates don’t directly cause this concern. There had been studies that cocoa itself isn’t the culprit. It’s an overall result of consuming too much sugar. Horray to chocolate monsters — Though I am not a fan of chocolates. This means that whatever we eat is what shows in our skin. So basically, if you eat food that helps your skin produce more sebum then you are more likely to produce more acne than anyone else. There are various foods that can cause this.
    SNR Shrimp Pizza
  6. Age
    Sadly as we grow older, our skin foundation breaks down slowly. Meaning that youthful protection you had when you were younger isn’t as strong as before. At a certain point, your pores get wider in time. This cause for more openings for bacteria or any pore-clogging entities to enter and infect your hair follicles. Hence causing more of those annoying zits.
  7. Travelling
    We live a busy life. It’s totally impossible for us not to travel anywhere. We always have a destination to go to. Thus, exposing us more to dust, bacteria and over sun exposure. If you are not careful in protecting your skin with these, then you’d be dooming your skin for sure. Take it from me, I’m paying the price now. It is best to protect yourself when travelling. Using sunscreen or creams that have UV protection is ideal especially during summer.
  8. Stress
    Let’s face it, no adult in this world have no stress in life. Whether it be at work or in personal affairs, we will inevitably experience stress no matter what. Stress directly does not cause acne reactions. However, due to stress, we can either neglect our duties to our skin or in most cases, cause hormonal issues. Which points us to the first items discussed above. We may not be able to avoid stress, but we can certainly find ways to at least lessen the burden we have one way or another. This can lessen the anxiety we have and can cause us to feel less stressed, for example, travelling!
  9. Negligence
    The above-mentioned items were just the most prominent causes. If we think about it clearly, these will not happen if we at least take care of our own skin right? Like me, I found it troublesome and I ignored the fact that I should have been taking care of it in the first place. Now again, I am paying the price. I know I can still correct it but the fact that I had to suffer at this age is certainly very irresponsible of me.

How to treat them?

  1. Use products that is only suited to your skin type.
  2. Try natural using home remedies available such as natural oils and herbal essensces.
  3. Create a skin regimen routine
  4. Hydrate your self well
  5. Eat healthy food
  6. Exercise
  7. If all else fail — Consult a specialist.

    photo of woman with lotion on hand
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Lastly, I noted down a few things that I believe we should all remember:

  1. Know your skin type.
  2. Educate yourself thoroughly about taking care of yourself.
  3. Never be ashamed to ask for help.
  4. Not all products that other people use will work for you. Again back to point no. 1, know your skin type.
  5. Be Healthy and Stay healthy

In all honesty, those who are close to me since I was young, would read this article either cringing or in a state of shock (exaggerating maybe *chuckles). Kidding aside, I may not be the best person who can really educate you thoroughly about this. I have just recently educated my self on this. Also some of the points mentioned above are still my own demons to conquer. However, this article is meant to share awareness to people who are like me. People who neglect their own skin and may pay or currently paying the price for it.

As mentioned above, I have started a skin regimen routine with a few products. So far it’s giving me a decent result. I would be putting up blogs for these as reviews soon, but for now, let me use them longer so I can give you a clear review on these. This article is meant to share what I have discovered so far and help you guys decide on your own will. It would be great if you can also share your thoughts on these topics through commenting below. You can also reach out through my Facebook or Instagram. Looking forward to the next article. Till then…

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