There are Different Types of Acne? Yep that’s right!

As you may probably guess from the previous blog, I am going to have a series of Skin Care blog. As you recall, I did voice out my frustrations towards having adult acne on my previous blog. I did mention there that I am trying out a few things so I’ll take the storytelling slow. For now, let’s talk about what to do with those annoying zits as first aid.

There had been a lot of products advertised online and on the television. They all promote the feature of removing acne’s fast. I admittedly tried a lot of those even during my teens and I can’t really vouch on all of them. Well, let’s know one thing first. Where do they come from? How do you treat them correctly?

As mentioned before, there are a lot of causes. Also, there are different ways to treat them. Let’s take into account what are the kinds of acne are they this time. Yes, you read it right. They aren’t all the same. Not all those bumps in your face are equally the same. Having said that, it means you may not be able to treat them equally. Sneaky isn’t it?

It can be quite frustrating to know now that you have to go through a lot of trouble just because they aren’t all the same. Just like treating your face depending on what skin type you have, you have to also take this thing into consideration. However, it would be worthwhile for you to do this. It can and may improve your condition if you would know these things. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to try, isn’t it?

Shall we get started?…

What are the most common types of Acne?

  1. Whiteheads
    These may be one of the top types of acne known to mankind. You may see these as small bumps you can see or feel on your face. They often look like they have something white inside but not considered as pus or dirt. These kinds of acne are formed when your pore gets clogged with sebum and dirt or dead skin cells.However, they seem to always be closed. Unlike the next type, these are quite difficult to remove because there’s no way out for the dirt. Treating them may need to be more extensive due to the fact that they are buried down to your skin. The best option so far is using chemical exfoliation. AHA products would be the best for this.
  2. Blackheads
    Similar to Whiteheads, these type of acne are formed when the pores get clogged up with sebum and other impurities such as dead skin cells and dirt. On this case, the pore remains open. Thus, the impurities are more visible outside which creates a black appearance on the opening. They may seem a bit easier to remove since you can easily pop it out but try not to do so.Try using a proper method because any undesirable force that would be applied to your skin can cause more problems than solutions. Using facial scrubs would be an option for this but I prefer not to use it since the small beads cause me more problems. This is good if you have normal skin. It can also be treated by chemical exfoliation but best to have for this are BHA products.
  3. Papules
    These are commonly seen as small red bumps that are the same size as whiteheads. However, these can be either caused allergies or can be considered as rashes. Some spot correcting lotions or tropical acne treatments can be used for this.
  4. Pustules
    This would be the most common type of severe acne you would see. These are those bigger red bumps with full of pus. Commonly known as zits. This is quite common during our adolescent life. These are acne that we often pop or accidentally burst during your usual cleansing process. However, the best tip for this is to have them covered until they heal. Pimple Patches will be your best friend in this case.
  5. Nodules
    This kind of acne is the hardest to treat. This is the most common one I have nowadays due to my period. These are bigger bumps but does not have heads or pus on top unlike the previous ones mentioned. This is very painful to touch but does not turn red. In fact, they blend into your skin tone and you would just end up feeling them. In this matter, it’s also a sign that your immune system may have lowered down since the cause of this are bacterias.Often times you may need to consult this to a specialist if you cannot wait for it to settle itself down. Often times antibiotics are the best solution for this. That is why you need to have your specialist check so you can get a prescription. These kinds of acne can last more than weeks or months. Can be considered as the most severe. So applying retinoids or any pimple treatments may not have full effect on this since the issue lies way deeper on your skin. Those kinds of treatment can only purge through the skin surface.
  6. Cystic
    The most common form of hormonal acne. You’d often have these when you have your period if you were a girl. These are a more severe form compare to pustules. They are painful and can be found almost anywhere in the body, yikes!But similar to pustules, they can be treatable but take note not to get ahead of yourself popping them as you please. These are more painful and has higher inflammation. They often cause scars once settled down if you force to pop them or treated wrongly. Can also cause your face to get deeper or enlarged pores. Scaring can go severe to the point that it leaves a deep crater on your face. No one would love that right?!

Generally, all of them can be treated but it should be the right way. Not all of them are to be treated equally. Below are other treatments that you can get over the counter or do at home according to WebMD:

  1. Soap and water
  2. Facial Cleansers
  3. Benzoyl peroxide
  4. Salicylic Acid
  5. Sulfur
  6. Tropical retinol Gel
  7. Alcohol and acetone
  8. Organic medications

For those that need prescription, in case of severe acne:

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Retinoids
  3. Vitamin A Derivatives
  4. Azelic Acid
  5. Oral contraceptives

It is good to know you are aware of these but it is still best to consult a dermatologist on this matter. There are a lot of over the counter treatments but again, you have to know what you should use. Some of this acne can cause permanent scarring which can haunt you for the rest of your life. There are a lot of ways to treat but isn’t it best to prevent them.

Yes, there may be some that are inevitable but it would be great if they are kept in a minimum count. If you stay with your skin care routine religiously then it can surely help you prevent more issues. Neglecting your skin would be the worse mistake you’ll ever do, which I came to realize lately.

In the next coming skin care articles, I will tackle the different products that can be used. Most of them are used by myself. There are a lot of articles on the web that can educate you further about this matter. It is best you take advantage of having internet access for this.

Again, this article is meant to share what I have discovered so far and help you guys decide on your own will. It would be great if you can also share your thoughts on these topics through commenting below. You can also reach out through my Facebook or Instagram. Looking forward to the next article. Till then…

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