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For the past one and a half month, I have been preoccupied with a ton of activities. To the extent that I have failed to publish a blog write up last month. I admit it was slightly regrettable but I know I can make up for it. As you recall with my previous write-ups, I have been focusing on skincare lately. With this said, that topic took a lot of my time. How? Read more to find out.

I due to my wish to clear my skin again from adult acne, I end up trying out Korean skincare products. Admittedly, I am very skeptical about using them as I find them quite costly and I am not used to it. However, I decided to give it a try after further studying. It was quite an eye-opener to me, to be honest. I never thought that there had been a lot of things happening in this world which evolved the industry of cosmetics and skincare. It amazed me how Koreans adapted to these changes so well and now are known to be head to head with Japan and European countries when it comes to skincare and cosmetics.

white heart shape on human skin
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What surprised me more is the abundance of resellers out there. Not only locally but also abroad. So abundant that if you won’t be careful, you might end up buying knock offs which will do more harm on your skin. Most of those knock-offs are sold locally which is very scary. Some articles I read even showed damaged skin of victims of these kinds of products. Although that was the case, I asked my self, why would you sacrifice your face with such a low-cost product. Like, it’s common sense that if the product sold locally is priced almost 90% below retail, it wouldn’t be too good to be true?

I decided to invest instead of being a cheapskate. I’d rather want to spend money on legitimate items even they are costly than burning my face with cheap knock offs that can leave my face permanently damaged. I started researching a lot about where to find authentic products. I end up buying online through known authorized resellers in South Korea. Yes, you heard it right, I decided to buy items directly from the country of origin itself.

To my surprise, the items are cheaper than the locally sold products in the main stores. After checking further, it seems that the price is just right. If you buy products directly in Korea, it is cheaper. What is causing it to be expensive is the cost of the shipping and customs fee. We’re talking about 2,000php to 3,000php shipping cost just for a 200php-800php product. That should give you a huge idea of why they are sold higher here in our country. For me to make the most out of the shipping fee, I decided to buy 2-3 items so that the shipping cost will be charged once and I can say that the value would be even.

It started with 2-3 items and changing them from time to time. If I feel it was not suited for me I end up replacing it. My sister ends up receiving most of the products that don’t suit me because she has better-adapting skin than I do. After 4 months of experimenting and messing up my skin (LOL), I found my final line up. Which I will share soon by the way. Yes, it took me that long to find the right ones. At the moment, my skin is starting to heal properly. The breakouts and blemishes caused by previous product use are now calmer and blemishes are starting to get lighter. I know this will not be a short process but I feel my skin is healthier now.

Throughout the process of purchasing items back and forth, I began to realize something. Wouldn’t it be more practical to buy more to maximize the shipping fee? However, what will I do with a lot of products? That question hit me with an answer. Why not start selling them? I discovered that most of the people near me have the same sentiments towards adult skin issues and been asking me to help them buy some.

skin care products
First haul purchases. Disclaimer: Not everything in this photo are still in use.

Now I decided to build an online shop for Korean skincare products. I started investing in buying bulk purchases. I started building my shop and my brand. Marketing them every day. So in short, I was busy because I started a business.

I never removed the thought of my blog site still. Every week I always wanted to start writing but due to a lot of preparations and marketing for the initial launch, I am unable to initiate a write-up. I had a lot of topics in mind but I am unable to start one. That is why I decided to write this blog first before I started writing more about other stuff, especially Korean skincare products.

Things didn’t settle there. Because one of my childhood best friends became so into Kpop artists, I end up getting highly influenced by here. To add more, some of my colleagues are also into it. It first felt awkward and eventually, I got hooked up. Disclaimer, my friend is still more into it than me (LOL). Now, why did I mention that? Simply because I end up opening my eyes to the high profitability of Kpop merchandise. They seem so expensive but to my amazement, there are a lot of people willing to spend on these kinds of items.

EXO CBX Magic Circus
This image is owned by VLive https://channels.vlive.tv/C7A6F1/vtoday/1.10871920

So lately, even though I have settled my shop, I am still in the process of researching a lot. I am currently still trying to discover items that I feel that my customers may need. I would like to sell stuff that can help people and not to just sell for profit. I want my shop to have a lasting impression so that the customers will return to me and re-purchase if needed. I want a shop that will give a solution to people’s skin issues and accessibility to merch that may seem to be unreachable. This is my vision for my shop.

And there, that’s my reason for being inactive lately. Even with my photography. I am enjoying my shop especially if I get feedback that they feel that I helped them. It feels quite fulfilling and accomplishing. I will be posting more blogs in the next coming weeks! Very exciting times indeed. August is full of surprises for me. Soooooo… Stay tuned!

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