The Amibert Wallflower

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Living in a world that is full of uncertainty and surprises is quite exhausting if you get stuck in one corner. Sometimes we think that our comfort zone is the best place for us. Ironically, it’s not always the case. People by nature tend to want something than what they have. May it be simple or extravagant. And through its course, people eventually change. For most cases, it is for them to survive this jungle called “the real world”.

Admittedly, I myself became one of these people who was subjected to these changes. I was once an introvert, a wallflower to be specific. I often see myself hiding from people. Modern world cavewoman, I may say. I had a series of “what ifs” and my curious mind wanders around it. I was scared to try to find the answers to my questions. Especially, with the possibilities of failing was inevitable. I hate to fail back then. I thought, once you fail, it will mark a deep scare that will remind you of your bad experiences for life. I see myself doom for eternity. I cared too much of people’s thoughts about me and tend to hide in my room alone, where I felt safe and secure. I was in my own world. A decade after graduating from college, I got myself exposed to a lot of extraordinary people with extraordinary mindset. Most of which were older than me. They somehow opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities beyond my own wall. I started to learn how to take risks and go out of my comfort zone little by little. However, these things didn’t remove my introversion fully. It was a painful process. It wasn’t a happy field trip. I lost a lot but also gained a lot. I saw gateways to the new chapters of my life.

Being an introvert still, gives me the edge to be cautious and prepared. Somehow, I end up acquiring some of my extrovert friends’ personality too. This swayed me away from being afraid. I started my lifelong journey to find my answers. I started changing my thoughts into actions. I met more people and friends. It changed my world. Then I discovered and became to what they call, an “Ambivert”.

An ambivert, basically means, a characteristic of a person who is both introvert and extrovert. My evolution from being introvert to ambivert gave me new life chapters and boundless adventures. Some would consider it as weird. Some would take it as nonsense. This term shows that balance does exist in this world. It may have started on two extreme personalities, but through the course of time, it suddenly developed into a new term which classified people to a much more balanced nature. As they say, anything too less or too much isn’t ideal. Balancing both the highs and lows in our daily life helps us cope up with the hype and the depths of what life has to bring. However, at the end of the day, we would still need to choose what path to take. Some settle for their comfort zone. Some decide to get out. Being a wallflower isn’t that bad. I get to think and observe my environment better. It helped me adjust properly to any situation.

When life decides to give you choices, I guess choose what makes you happy. As they say, “Happiness is a choice”. And I am no one to change someone’s point of view. This is merely my thoughts and why I chose this title for my blog site.

A new journey has yet to come. I look forward every day for a new story to unfold. As an ending to my first blog, here’s a small thought to ponder.

My name is Glady, and I am a blogger, photographer, storyteller, pet parent and I like to explore life. I have a bucket list that never has an ending. Whenever I fulfill one of the items on the list, I add another one. I believe life has a lot of opportunities for every individual to explore with. It’s within our own capabilities if we will be able to achieve them or not. It’s our will and perseverance that can certainly help us achieve them. This blog site displays all the highlights and discoveries in my life that I would love to share to the world.

Feel free to see through all my stories and I would really love to hear out from you and your thoughts about them.

“If you make decisions based on people’s reactions or judgments then you make really boring choices. – Heath Ledger”