Part 2: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?

On the previous blog, I discussed the possible perks and issues that you would possibly experience during a vacation booked through an agency with a tour package. This time around I would like to point what are the possible things you may need to consider if you decide to do your own travel itinerary. This is often called as DYI (do it yourself) type of travelling. It simply means, from booking your airlines and creating your own itinerary during your stay and searching for a place to stay will all be done by you. For most first timers, this is quite scary, especially if you will travel alone. Some would say it’s for not the weak heart. I may beg to differ to that last sentence though. Read through and you may figure out why. Continue reading “Part 2: Travel Packages and DYI Travels: Which is better for you?”

Hong Kong 2018: The City of Lights of Asia

It was 2017 when I started traveling overseas. I thought to have a great break every year to a place that is totally not seen in any parts near me. If possible outside the country. It can be quite tedious to prepare but I find it all worth it. I love places that are bright and lively. I am certainly a city girl that is why I choose places where I will find it convenient to walk around anywhere like the city. There are a lot of places that can be visited but I guess due to the fact I like the city more, I tend to choose urban places.
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Masamirey Cove | A hidden paradise at the North

Beach outings can either be memorable or horrible. It all depends on where and when you go. Also, who are you with and what things have you tried doing. Every inch of your steps on any vacation always leaves a footprint both for you and whoever you are with.

Once a year, the company that I currently work right now holds a summer getaway for all of us. This year our location is at Sual, Pangasinan. We booked an overnight stay at Masamirey Cove. At first, we were skeptical because the photos online looked so good to be true. We have been to places that looked so dreamy online, but once you reach the area you would regret spending a single peso in it. Luckily, this year it wasn’t bad. It was exactly the same as what we saw online. Ok, you must be wondering how was it exactly going there. Well, read through then. Continue reading “Masamirey Cove | A hidden paradise at the North”