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Ambivert Wallflower is a creative content website which conveys life stories of its author (Glady Marilla). Write-ups on this blog were all written based on her own opinion and experiences. We guarantee that none of the write-ups in this blog were republished from other blogs. In any occasion that a specific paragraph or sentence is seen in this blog, we assure that they are quoted and credited to the owner. Images used on this website are a combination of stock photos from free online stock photo sites (example and from website sources related to the written article and the author’s own captures. All images that were taken from the website resource that is linked to each articles notes a credit to the proper owner of the website and image.



Ambivert Wallflower will never share personal information with any third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this blog. Any personal information gathered (example: Name and Email) through the Contact page and comment sections of this blog are purely for feedback and thought collection purposes. We utilize the secure opt-in system by WordPress and we reserve the right to contact subscribers with information related to this website and blog. This is a website that does not require any purchases to use, hence we do not need nor want to gather financial information such as credit card details. We sincerely respect your privacy and will exhibit law-abiding practices. We assure 100% security and utmost confidentiality of any given details.


Cookies and Traffic Tracking

Cookies and Log files gathered by the system such as what stated below are meant not to be used for personal purposes but for analytical and informational purposes only.

  • Internet Protocol [IP] Addresses
  • Browser Types
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  • Date and time logs
  • Traffic referrals and Action take such as entering and exiting pages
  • Search Queries and Number of Clicks or Engagements
  • You can turn off the use of cookies at any time by changing your specific browser settings.


Third-Party Partner Affiliates

We acknowledge the use of services from third-party vendors and affiliates such as Google, Bing or Amazon.  These third-party affiliates use cookies for the purpose of identifying specific settings you have set on your browsers such as languages used and the page you have visited. These are not linked or used to anything that would identify the visitor personally and specifically.


Terms in Visit and Site Usage

All the write-ups on the blog are exclusively written by the author and are of her own opinion. We do not encourage nor entertain any of the following:

  • Any form of profanity
  • Any form of nudity and sexually explicit or any suggestive acts and demeanor
  • Any form of graphical showcasing of violence, threats, and animal or child abuse
  • Any form of trolling or flame-baiting
  • Double-posting and flooding on the comments and message sections
  • Selling or marketing any products especially if they are not affiliated with the blog
  • Republishing the content without consent from Ambivert Wallflower, especially crediting as your own. Everything written on this blog is owned and written by its owner. Copyrighting is strictly prohibited.

By these guidelines, you agree that any content was written which violates these terms will automatically be rejected or removed without notice. You are solely responsible for your own comments and contents that are given to this blog.


Ambivert Wallflower is subject to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. You agree you are responsible review these Terms and Conditions for any revisions done. If you still continue to visit and use the blog after revisions are made, this constitutes that you acknowledge changes and you consent to be bound by the changes in the Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions without prior notice. If you disagree to any of the terms noted above, you have the right to leave the site anytime. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly here: