Discovering Sunflower Seed Oil Benefits left me amazed

Like any other girl, blemishes and eye bags are mostly the common issues I have been struggling to fix for ages. Luckily, I don’t have issues with acne. However, random hormonal caused pimples occur which cause random blemishes whenever the dry up. I have also been a victim of insomnia and stress-related sleep issues for the past decade and it causes my eyes to be quite puffy. Even if I sleep early in the past year, I still have puffy eyes. I have tried all the recommendations by friends and family members such as tea tree oil, cucumber, etc. None really gave me a satisfactory result. Sadly, I am not much of a fan of dermatology check-ups. Not that I find it a bit costly, I also don’t find time to go to one.
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Why I fell in love with BLK Cosmetics?

These days, most working women use makeup as part of their daily beauty routine. Especially, for those who work at corporate and sales industries. Makeup brands had also changed throughout the decades to accommodate every customer needs and demands. Some skin types have difficulty using non-hypoallergenic or low pricing brands. I am one of those who has a problem choosing the right brand. In the end, only those that claim to be hypoallergenic are the only brands I can possibly use. Which most of the time is unbelievably expensive. This is considered a luxury if I would buy them. Continue reading “Why I fell in love with BLK Cosmetics?”