What have I been up to? | Ambivert Wallflower

For the past one and a half month, I have been preoccupied with a ton of activities. To the extent that I have failed to publish a blog write up last month. I admit it was slightly regrettable but I know I can make up for it. As you recall with my previous write-ups, I have been focusing on skincare lately. With this said, that topic took a lot of my time. How? Read more to find out.

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Copyright Infridgement is not a joke

I have started blogging because I want to express my thoughts and tell my story. I have never expected a lot in return. Let’s be honest, there are millions of people online who love to tell their own stories. Whether it be by writing or filming, every creative artists’ pride is to have their own identity as a content creator. However, there is some that neglect the fact that a simple act of courtesy towards us creators could be a big deal for us. Continue reading “Copyright Infridgement is not a joke”

When photography becomes dull

I started this photography because I love to capture the different side of life in my own perspective. It also somehow gives me that sense of challenge and motivation to continue shooting more things. Especially, if I get to see other people’s work. It gives me a mixed feeling of anxiety and jealousy. It is is a continuous process of improving and exploring, but somehow, I tend to find myself lost in purpose. Still, I do not want to let go of this hobby and move to another. I believe I still have not reached my limit and I have not achieved anything out of it yet. Continue reading “When photography becomes dull”