Top Travel Essentials I can’t go without

It’s almost summer here in the Philippines and it’s time again for summer outings and beach getaways. Everyone’s planning or even booking for their next trip. With all the fuzz about where to go and what clothes to bring for their OOTD selfies, they often forget some travel essential items. It’s quite a hassle to realize that you lack something important when it’s already too late. Continue reading “Top Travel Essentials I can’t go without”

Singapore 2017: When My Two Worlds Meet

Being in another country not only taught me how other people feel during travelling but also made me see more of what the world can offer. This feeling can be addictive and at the same time scary. There were a lot of things on my bucket list, and I know I am just starting. There are more places to go. Little by little I will achieve everything. Every ride I take is a different experience than another. Something I learned upon arriving in the melting pot of the world, Singapore. Right after I left Malaysia, I landed to Singapore on a Friday evening. I arrived at Changi International Airport, and I felt that I warped in a different world. Everything I saw in that airport was out of this world. Not to mention the clean comfort rooms and organized process upon arrival.
Continue reading “Singapore 2017: When My Two Worlds Meet”

Malaysia 2017: My first Overseas Trip

I have been planning to go overseas for years now. However, I have not given the opportunity due to lack of time and money. It has been on my bucket list to visit online friends and have a feel and look of being in another country. It was not an issue with me to be in another place far from home since I used to live alone before because of work location. Last 2014, I decided to leave my old work in Manila and went back to Pampanga. Luckily, I was able to find a great company with a good payout. This gave me an opportunity of continuing my plans to go overseas. I started saving initially for Singapore since I have a lot of friends living there. My friend from Malaysia found out about my ideas, and after a few debate with him, I agreed to visit him first in Malaysia before going to Singapore. Did I make the right decision? I am admittedly wary of this invite because I am not familiar with what you can see or do in Malaysia. I did some research online of places to go and to be honest; they didn’t appeal to me much.
With all the doubts and worries, I decided to push for it. I have considered my priority reason to go is to visit a good friend instead of the highlights of the city. I booked the flight bound to Kuala Lumpur, December 5, 2017. I also booked a hotel near to where he lives so just in case I would need any help, and he would just be near me. And the day of the flight came, I was all nervous and excited to see him and the place. I just told myself, “This is it!”. Continue reading “Malaysia 2017: My first Overseas Trip”